Welcome to the wiki! Before you get started, here are some rules you have to follow.

Rule #1 - Language

Remember, no swearing! Any form of bad language will be deleted and if the same person does it twice, they wil be blocked. This wiki doesn't tolerate this along with a list of other things

Rule #2 - Ideas

Don't be afriad to share stories and ideas. They don't have to be canon to the show, so spread great stuff!

Rule #3 - Bragging

We don't like bragging on this wiki either, even if you are an admin. Peole who boast will also be blocked or even demoted.

Rule #4 - Cearel

Don't give Piderman cearel, even if he gets confused. It makes him get all green!

Rule #5 - Tuba's medicene

If Tuba eats all the cakes, then give her some peanut butter. It's her medicene.