Lawnch the Birds is a special episode of Baman Piderman, and a crossover with the popular game, Angry Birds.


(Baman and Piderman are watching T.V. when suddenly a truck drives by)

Baman: What was that?

(A squeal is heard)

Piderman: And that?

(Both of them look out of the window and see some green pigs drving by in a truck with some eggs)

Piderman: Oh, look! Those pigs are babysitting some eggs!

(Birds start attacking the truck)

Baman: I don't think they are babysitting.

Red Bird:(crashes through window) You gotta help us, man! Those pigs are evil and they stole our eggs!!!!

Baman:(looks at Piderman with a suspicious face) I told you so.

(Later, at the pigs territory...)

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