Blink 182 all the small things lyrics02:39

Blink 182 all the small things lyrics

The theme song

I CAN SWING MY SWORD! (Minecraft Song)01:42

I CAN SWING MY SWORD! (Minecraft Song)

The end credits song

Happy Winter Friends 2.0 is a special, musical Christmas episode. It is a sequil to the original episode, Happy Winter Friends.


It is Happy Winter Friends once again! But when Pumkin isn't in the spirit, it's up to Baman and Piderman, along with a few special guests, to show him the true meaning of Happy Winter Friends by breaking out in musical numbers!


All The Small Things (Opening Theme) - Blink 182

Deck the Halls - Katy Perry

Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Baman (special), Elton John (soundtrack)

Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Baman and Piderman

I Can Swing My Sword (End Credits Theme) - Toby Turner A.K.A. "Tobuscus" and Baman

Christmas Cash - Fred Figglehorn and Tuba's Dad (Note: This song was sung in a deleted scene, but was saved for the Soundtrack.)


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